La nostra campagna di crowdfunding

Io e Sara abbiamo messo online oggi la nostra campagna di crowfunding.

Vogliamo allargare la nostra famiglia e purtroppo la strada è ancora lunga e tortuosa… Speriamo e abbiamo fede nel fatto che, nonostante non ci sia possibile chiedere aiuti ai nostri famigliari per questo nostro obiettivo, al mondo esistano ancora persone che siano in grado di prendersi a cuore situazioni come la nostra.

Vi lascio qui sotto il link: chi vuole potrà darci un occhio e, se lo ritiene opportuno, condividerlo a sua volta con i suoi contatti

Qui il testo della nostra campagna:
“Me and Sara are together since 2012. We are both Italian and we come from a small town. We decide to emigrate to be able to build our future together as Italy is one of the last Countries in occidental Europe where same sex couples don’t have any right: it is still struggling, in these days, finding the “courage” to, at least discuss, in Parliament the opportunity to give to every citizen same rights, or sort of (same sex marriage is not even an option in Italy, at the moment).

We moved to England where we celebrated our Civil Partnership,we are now living in Spain, where we renovated our vows by celebrating our marriage and we literally exulted when USA, just few days ago through the Supreme Court of the United States ruled on equal marriage.

I’m 34 years old, Sara is 30… Time is passing so quick and we are dreaming about being able to enlarge our family. before it will be too late. The crisis hit us hard: I was without a job for a year and, now that I’m working, Sara is not (even if searching every single day).

We have some money saved but it’s really not enough, for this reason we need your help.

Here in Spain the IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) forbid by law to the child to know the identity of the donor: me and Sara are convinced that this is not an option and that our child, if she/he will want ,have to have the possibility to know the identity of the person thank to whom she/he is born. For this reason we will have to fly to Denmark and ask for the help of a Clinic overthere.

I will be the one who will carry the pregnancy and, as I’m nearly 35, the more we go on the less chances we have to have success.

For this reason we decided to open this page.

We are in love, we are really engaged every single day in preparing a solid base for our child future, but it doesn’t seem enough in this historical period.

I set my goal very high because we really don’t know how many times we will have to fly back and forth to another Country and if the IUI will be enough or we will have to use other techniques even more expensive, but every single Euro or Dollar will be a blessing.

Thank you in advance to each and every one of you: you will help us enlarge our family!”



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